Does Duterte’s wrath against the Catholic Church have no limit?

2019-01-22-church3Source: PRI

By Patrick Winn

Rodrigo Duterte delights in shock value. He’s threatened to slap UN officials. He once told former US President Barack Obama to “go to hell.” As for his signature policy, a war on meth that has killed as many as 20,000 people, the Philippine president vows to “slaughter” drug users just as Adolph Hitler killed Jews.

But in recent months, Duterte has focused much of his wrath on Catholic holy men — a group that past presidents have courted and criticized gingerly, if at all.

Yet, Duterte calls them “sons of bitches” and talks openly about wanting to beat up bishops and priests. To another bishop who condemned his drug war, Duterte said he’d have the man beheaded.

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