Freed by court, Pakistani Christian woman still a prisoner

supreme court of pakistan

Supreme court of Pakistan.  The Muslim Times has the best collection for interfaith tolerance and to refute blasphemy laws

Source: Associated Press

BY Kathy Gannon

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Aasia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian acquitted of blasphemy, still lives the life of a prisoner, nearly three months after her release from death row, awaiting a final ruling on her fate.

She spends her days in seclusion for fear of being targeted by angry mobs clamoring for her death. In her hideout, she longs for her children who were taken to Canada for their safety.

Pakistani security forces guarding the 54-year-old Bibi prevent her from opening a window in her hiding place, let alone go outside, a friend said.

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  1. Pakistan should not execute Aasia Bibi as she is also a citizen of Pakistan and if she pleads herself to be innocent, people should believe her. Only Allah has the right to punish someone and if she did insult the Holy Prophet, that is her opinion and Allah will decide her fate. However, it is wrong to accuse someone since there is no evidence to make a final statement against her. Extremists in Pakistan should not be manipulating the court or government since it is supposed to bring justice and not inquality. Additionally, Allah has also said in the Qur’an that true believers are those who forgive, have control over anger and show mercy.

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