Menstruating Women Are Blocked From Temple In Video Game — And In Real Life

video-game-2-1c01e80def226fba58e5afaea3430f12e29143fa-s1500-c85Source: NPR

Two years ago, Padmini Ray Murray created a controversial video game at a hackathon contest. But it’s not just a game. It a microcosm of what’s happening today in India.

In the game, called Darshan Diversion, avatars of women in red saris try to reach the top floor of a temple, dodging miniature Hindu priests along the way. A red blinking light indicates when the women are menstruating. The priests try to block them, shouting in exasperation.

At the Sabarimala temple in the southern state of Kerala — dedicated to a celibate deity, Lord Ayyappa — women of possible childbearing age are banned from entering.

Some devotees believe women of this age are impure; others think they could be a temptation for the celibate god.

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