Abu Dhabi Forum: Pluralism and Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad

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Pluralism and Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad

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The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles on the theme of interfaith tolerance

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  1. Islam is that method and procedure and system of final solution that modern civilization is looking for but unfortunately lot of misguided people didn’t understand this .Islam conquered whole world and there was, peace,prosperity and happiness and development .science. technology mathematics , medicines all projects was done perfectly ,people were happy,Muslim and non- Muslim were happy under the rule of Islam. Islam loves every human equally. the messenger of Allah SAW said: the best friend in the sight of Allah is he who is the well-wisher of his companions and the best neighbor is one who behaves best towards his neighbors at Tirmizi.
    The savior of Islam Imam Mehedi AS is coming within the years may next year 2020.there will be war,it will great war of peace progress and prosperity.people against peace will be war.the wicked people will be destroyed them-self by the help of almighty Allah. all modern dangerous arms will be destroyed by his spiritual power and other arms nuclear equipment will be no value.it will destroy automatically.only land forces will be remains.people will fight each other hands and swards.under Muslim swards no anti-Allah will remain.everybody will be vanished and anti-Allah will be arrested and will bring into justice as a war criminal and will be hanged as per war-criminal law.there all property and women will be under control of Islam.for their safety and salvation they will be safe and sound.children of prisoners will be safe.all women children and elderly people will be safe.when Mehedi AS set up his kingdom of peace THEN JESUS CHRIST will come with his great spiritual office and that time false savior king Darjal will come and Jesus Christ AS will fight against king Darjal.he will be killed by Jesus Christ under jesus christ kingdom , people will be happy and will live as per islam another 50 years.to be continued. DR.S.I.SHELLEY

  2. Dr SI Shelley – I don’t know who you are or who/what you represent, but that story is one which intelligent and educated people neither want or need. Neither do uneducated people need to be brainwashed.

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