Ayodhya: Thousands rally in Delhi over disputed religious site

_104706491_hi051087168Source: BBC News

Tens of thousands of Hindus have marched in the Indian capital, Delhi, to call for a temple to be built on a hotly contested religious site.

Organisers say they will not relent until a grand temple is constructed in the northern city of Ayodhya.

The area has been a longstanding point of tension between Hindus and Muslims.

Hindus believe the religious site is the birthplace of their revered deity Lord Ram, but Muslims say they have worshipped there for generations.

It was home to a medieval mosque for more than 450 years until Hindu mobs tore it down in 1992, provoking widespread riots that left thousands dead.

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  1. Alhamdolillah, Muslims can pray everywhere. Why not ‘withdraw’ and let the Hindus have this site, after all if their go is born there, they really cannot move away … Alhamdolillah, Allah is here and there and every where.

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