Materialism and the intellectual mind


As Ahmadi Muslims, it is our foremost duty to understand what we believe in. We must accept that we were born in a time like no other. Having accepted this, we must then look to the world and see what it is desperately in need of. Though the world may not express it always, people are uncontrollably in need for a more superior purpose in life. We, Ahmadi Muslims, have that superior purpose! But before we can deliver it to others, we must discover it first.

Although it may seem a negative trait, but a quality among the youth of today is that the youth asks questions and needs to know everything in detail before making any decision. To find God and discover our superior motives in life, we must follow a simple condition that the Promised Messiahas outlined for us:

صدق سے میری طرف آؤ اسى میں خیر ہے

(Come to me with full sincerity for herein lies the best option)

Once we search for God and the truth with full sincerity of heart, we can be sure that we are not far from discovering a superior purpose in life. Until we disregard all modes of Shirk (associating any partners with God) – as Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa often tells us in his Friday Sermons – and unless we attempt to tread this path with pure intentions, we cannot be successful.
Ahmadiyyat Islam
Al Hakam – 30 November 2018
Published Date

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