The Dead Sea is dying. A $1.5 billion plan aims to resurrect it.

BBQf1WqSource: MSN News

BY Linda Givetash and Ziad Jaber and Paul Goldman

AMMAN, Jordan ­­— At the southern tip of the Dead Sea, Sameer Mahadin recalls when the shoreline was visible from the shaded veranda of his farmhouse. The once 10-minute walk to the water’s edge now takes an hour trekking over cracked, salt-encrusted soil.

The Dead Sea is dying rapidly. The biblical body of water lying between Israel and Jordan is retreating by more than three feet a year, creating sinkholes that swallow up buildings and roads, and forcing the rich seaside landscape on which the tourism industry relies to fade into memory.

It is the saltiest sea on earth. Some experts believe it will be gone by 2050, while others say it will never fully disappear but survive at a fraction of its current size.

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  1. The red sea / dead sea project plans to bring water from the red sea to the dead sea. Sounds good, but then the dead sea will no longer be as salty as it is now (it is a salt lake really and not a sea). which means we cannot lie on the back on read the newspaper any more. Anyway, not sure if Israel and Jordan ever agree on the necessary details.

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