At the Islam Conference in Berlin, the hosts distribute blood sausage snacks made from pork?

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Source: Frankfurter Rundschau

At the Islam Conference in Berlin, the hosts distribute blood sausage snacks made from pork. It’s not the first time.

It sounds like a bad joke: At the Islam Conference in Berlin, the Federal Ministry of the Interior, as several media reports, just served blood sausage. Made of pork. “With such a behavior as an elephant in a china shop, Seehofer and his authority will never reach the majority of Muslims in Germany,” reported the WDR reporter Tuncay Özdamar in one of several tweets on the subject.

In addition to pork, Muslims are also prohibited from eating the blood of animals. The shafts should make it possible to drain the animals as completely as possible. Özdamar is not the only one who wonders if the Home Office wanted to make a sign with the black pudding. Was it a more or less hidden message according to the motto: We non-Muslims do not let us decide what comes to your plate? Even a personal message from Horst Seehofer, who is known to believe that Islam does not belong to Germany?

On the other hand, it speaks that, as Ferda Ataman recently wrote on Spiegel Online, pork was already being served at the first Islam conference in 2006. So this experience should not be new for a majority of the participants. (Jon)

At the #Islam conference yesterday in Berlin, there was again pork on the buffet. It was served black pudding. İnşallah halal.
Which sign is Seehofer’s Ministry of the Interior planning to use?
A little respect for Muslims who do not eat pork would be appropriate.

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  1. We hope that on the 13th conference white sausage will be served next to black pudding, to show that southern foods are also accepted in Seehofer’s Ministry of Homeland and Influenzerdom.

  2. A little respect for German culture would be appropriate. As guests in a foreign land, Muslims should be grateful they were served any food at all, and should eat it as a diplomatic act. If they don’t like that, they shouldn’t be in Germany: they should go back home.

    • It would have been nice if you would have written just the first part of your comment, saying that all guests, including Muslims, should have just eaten ‘their part’ of what was served. Unfortunately with the next sentence you are showing to be part of the racist community, wishing to take advantage of migrant labor and kicking them out as soon as you think you do not need them any more.

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