Perfect platform for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Slovenia to spread the true message of Islam

Compilation: Talha Ahmad

Pictures: Talha Ahmad


Roll Ups and Posters also attracted truth Seekers.

The Slovenian book fair is a trade fair that takes places every year at the Congress Centre in the capital city, Ljubljana. The Slovenian Book Fair is a traditional and the most established book festival in Slovenia, each year attracting around 100 publishing houses and thousands of visitors. This year, the 34rd Slovenian book fair took place from Tuesday 20 November till Sunday 25 November. The Book fair had a market focus on publishers from Hungary. The book fair allowed various publishers to showcase and demonstrate their products to a wide range of visitors from all over the country. There were various exhibitions, lectures, debates, presentations of new books and shows for children.


A visitor deep in to seeking Truth about Islam.

This year the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Slovenia was represented at the book fair under the banner of Islam International Publications. Islam International Publications offers a wide range of books for all ages.


An attractive view of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Book Stall

This year’s book fair served as a perfect platform for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Slovenia to spread the true message of Islam. Due to the presence of a large number of people, the preparation for the exhibition stall was done with great enthusiasm. Several posters and brochures were displayed to educate and inform visitors about Islam.


Pondering from where to start

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has already been participating in this book fair since 2015, which led a lot of visitors anxiously to our exhibition stall and to have a discussion about Islam. These discussions turned out to be very fruitful as a lot of visitors openly expressed their changed and positive view about Islam.

Eventually, the 6 day event came to an end on Sunday and with the Grace of Allah proved yet again to be a blessed and successful event.

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