Asia Bibi’s Life Still in Grave Danger as She Desperately Seeks Asylum in the West


By Will Maule

November 13, 2018

Christian mother Asia Bibi continues to remain in Pakistan, despite open threats against her life from Islamist radicals who are desperate to “finish the job” and execute the harmless mother of two. Despite the fact was acquitted by the Supreme Court on bogus charges of “blasphemy,” Bibi’s life continues to hang in the balance. In addition, Prime Minister Imran Khan continues to little to stop the religious fundamentalists who are hell-bent on unleashing their demonic fury upon this innocent follower of Jesus.

Khan initially appeared unabated and firmly appealed for calm following the explosive protests that erupted among the Islamist fanatics who were enraged by the courts sweeping away of the decade-old blasphemy charges leveled against Bibi.

Then, he caved, offering the radical, terror-affiliated political group Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) a deal – the Supreme Court ruling would have to remain, but Bibi would not be able to flee the country. It was, in effect, a second signing of Asia’s death warrant. In a country where politicians have been shot dead in broad daylight for speaking out publicly against the nation’s draconian blasphemy laws, Bibi would now become a sitting duck and an almost certain victim of Pakistan’s culture of savage vigilantism.

Released last week from her squalid prison in Punjab province, Bibi was transported to an undisclosed location in Islamabad as various governments continue to figure out a way of getting her away from the blood-thirsty Islamists. The ability to fly abroad remains a key factor in this horrifying case, as Bibi attempts to seek asylum in the West. So far, Bibi’s husband Ashiq Masih has appealed for help from several nations including the UK, US, Canada, with no success.

The government has issued mixed messages about Bibi’s ability to travel abroad, initially saying that it had struck a deal with radical clerics and ordered that the embattled woman is put on a no-fly list. More recently, however, a spokesman for the Pakistani Foreign Office suggested that Bibi was free to leave.




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