Ahmadiyya Muslims host Vaughan heritage celebration


Community  by Simone Joseph Vaughan Citizen

On Oct. 27, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama at Canada hosted its first ever heritage celebration at Vaughan City Hall. Pictured at microphone is Nawal Islam, Yusuf Siddiqi (standing behind) and from left, Harith Ahmed Labeeq Pasha, Aatika Yaqoob and Bilal Ahmed Tahir. – Naveed ul Islam photo

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at Canada hosted its first ever heritage celebration at Vaughan City Hall.

The event included interactive exhibits on various facets of the Golden Islamic Era. Exhibits included maps of the Islamic world, algebra and trigonometry by Muslim forefathers, architectural advancements from the Islamic world, the progression of the camera obscura to the modern camera, physics by a Muslim Nobel laureate Dr. Abdus Salaam, Sufism and poetry in Islam, contributions of women in Islam and the philosophy of the Islamic veil.

A stage tableau by the children enacting historic famous Muslim personalities became the show stopper.

A detailed science workshop was set up featuring the pinhole camera, a model of the eye and light refraction experiments.
A dark room was set up for the visitors to fully experience the marvels of science. A scribe presented live calligraphy by scribing the names of visitors.

A unique and intriguing feature of the exhibition was a setup of the House of Wisdom, showcasing antiques, eastern decor and informative posters about the Islamic Society.

The event concluded with guests enjoying various types of cultural and Islamic cuisine.

The event was on Oct. 27

The Maple-based group can be reached at 905-303-4000 ext. 2232 or go to http://www.ahmadiyya.ca/



4 replies

  1. What an amazing opportunity for others to learn more about the true teachings of Islam in an interactive way. Great event by the Ahmadi Muslim Jamaat. I hope others are able to benefit from these events and learn more about Islam.

  2. This is such a amazing way to spread the teachings of Islam. Hopefully we can have more events just like this one to spread the teachings of Islam.

  3. That’s amazing.
    Cultural heritage programs should be held more often so that other communities get the chance to learn more about Islamic heritage.

  4. A wonderful way to introduce their self and also a great way to understand and keep close between different types of communities, religions and cultures.

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