Ahmadiyya Muslims in Bensheim Germany arranged Podium-Discussion on Islam and Populism

Podium discussion

On Podium from Left to Right are Mr Hammad (Moderator), Imam Safeer, Mr Tarik K. Arif and Mr Nasir.

By Zubair Khan, the Muslim Times’ Editor for Germany

Pictures by Mobashar Khan

Dialogue is the most effective means of eliminating misunderstandings and countering prejudices. Therefore, members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community (Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat) Bensheim invited the guests to the Dorfgemeinschafthaus Wilmhausen-Benshiem for Friday evening on 16.11.2o18. AMJ wanted to “contribute to the harmony and reduce fears,” as the Moderator Mr Hammad Haerter explained to open the discussion on the topic Islam and Right Populism. With recitation of one verse by Waleed from Holy Quran translated by Mr Daniel explained, “O you mankind, surely We created you of a male and a female, and We have made you races and tribes that you may get mutually acquainted. Surely the most honorable among you in the Providence of Allah are the most pious; surely Allah is Ever-Knowing, Ever-Cognisant.” (Al Quran 49:14)

Tarik Karim Arif very amicably introduced the AMJ and Imam and theologian Safeer ur Rehman, who explained in his presentation the solutions proposed by the supreme head of AMJ to tackle the   “Increasing right-wing populism all over”. Mr Nasir being a politician contributed to the topic from political point view.

View from audience of the program

During the discussion it was explained that  for about, 13 years the Holy Prophet saw lived in a non-Muslim state of Mecca, where he was exposed to the most severe hostility and brutal persecution. But he remained steadfast and called for patience and peace.  For Muslims, he opined if they could not practise their religion, would prefer to emigrate. Otherwise, Muslims lived where they were, loyal to the land and people, and law-abiding.

Replying to few questions it was pointed out that according to Ahmadiyya interpretation of Islam one is required to remain loyal to the land where he or she resides and if required by law can join the defence forces to achieve the goal of the defence of the country. Examples were cited where Ahmadiyya Muslim Community members were mentioned on the active list of German Army and Police.  Joining protests causing damage to the national property or wastage to tax payers money is not permitted in true teachings of Islam. Involvement in  any crime or anti societal activities also not allowed. An example quoted of Ghana wherein millions of Ahmadi reside. However surprisingly not a single Ahmadi Muslim detected to have been involved in any criminal activity in spite a spiral trend of crimes among other Muslims. Mr Arif elaborated that word Islam and word Muslim have to be understood correctly. Islam is a code of Life but does not mean all Muslims follow this code of Life in its letter and spirit.  As such any act of Muslim should not be cited to denounce this great religion.

Participants of the porgram.

If Islamic as well other states start ensuring absolute justice and fair treatment to all the citizens the rise to populism will start declining explained the Imam from the excerpts of supreme Head of AMJ. It was also highlighted that many problems can be resolved if religion and state affairs are separated. To influx of refugees in Western countries it was emphasised that proper scrutiny of each refugee is must to avoid infiltration by criminals and trouble makers.  Similarly it was emphasised the weapon supplier´countries to ponder where these weapons are landing and causing havoc to mankind. The program lasted for about 2 hours and after having finished with the question answers participants were served with light refreshments.

Few continued their quest of Knowledge even during refreshments. Mr T K Arif replying the quries.

Note: National Head of Preaching Department AMJ Germany through local Head of auxiliary organisation (Ansarullah) supervised the whole event. Mr Abdullah Adeel, Mr Adnana Mahmood, Mr Qamar and Mr Asif along with their teams put in the devoted and devout services to make the event a success. Total participants were 72 with 17 German non-Muslim Guests.

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