An Islamic History of Europe, TV documentary for BBC Four

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An Islamic History of Europe,[14] TV documentary for BBC Four : August 2005

Rageh Omaar (/ˈræɡi ˈmɑːr/SomaliRaage OomaarArabicراجح عمر‎; born 19 July 1967) is a Somali-born British journalist and writer. He was a BBC world affairs correspondent, where he made his name reporting from Iraq. In September 2006, he moved to a new post at Al Jazeera English, where he presented the nightly weekday documentary series Witness until January 2010. The Rageh Omaar Report, first aired February 2010, is a one-hour, monthly investigative documentary in which he reports on international current affairs stories. From January 2013, he became a special correspondent and presenter for ITV News, reporting on a broad range of news stories, as well as producing special in-depth reports from all around the UK and further afield. A year after his appointment, Omaar was promoted to International Affairs Editor for ITV News. Since October 2015, alongside his duties as International Affairs Editor, he has been a Deputy Newscaster of ITV News at Ten. Since September 2017 Omaar has occasionally presented the ITV Lunchtime News including the ITV News London Lunchtime Bulletin and the ITV Evening News.

granada (1)

Granada, Cardoba mosque and Alhambra in Spain are powerful symbols of the Muslim Heritage in Europe. How Islam Taught Medieval Christian Europe Religious and Political Tolerance also see another three hour documentary about scientific contributions at the end of the post

Suggested Reading: Prof. John Makdisi traces the Islamic Origins of the Common Law and Muhammad: the Light for the Dark Ages of Europe!

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