Opinion > What if India and Pakistan were one country like Nigeria?

Published November 13, 2018

Azuka Onwuka

While watching last week’s three-day violent protests in Pakistan over the acquittal of a Christian lady, Aasiya Noreen (commonly known as Asia Bibi), by the Supreme Court over accusation of blasphemy against Islam, some things were going through my mind. I wondered if Pakistan and India had remained one country, what would have been the fate of that country, given the stark contrast in the worldviews of Pakistan and India, especially on the issue of religion and culture. Would it be peaceful or tempestuous, stable or instable, progressive or backward?

In June 2009, while harvesting berries, Asia Bibi – a peasant worker, mother and Christian – was accused of blasphemy after an argument with co-workers because she drank water from a well with the same cup used by Muslims. According to reports, a neighbour of hers who had an ongoing dispute with Bibi’s family about some property damage, excoriated her and reminded her that it was forbidden for a Christian to use the same drinking utensil with Muslims, given that she was considered unclean because of her Christian faith. An argument ensued between them. Bibi was accused of blasphemy.



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  1. Obviously a dispute about drinking water is a ‘hindu inheritance’, as the Hindus consider the lowest caste as ‘unclean’. It is not an Islamic rule. Consequently the accusers should be accused of blasphemy, not the accused.

  2. This is a ‘copyright’ article. Click on ‘more’ therefore to read the full article. (Interesting!)

  3. Hi, I’m a student trying to learn more on the Middle East and I saw this article too (just a couple of days ago, in fact) and thought it said a lot about the religious relationship between Christians and Muslims in that area. My question though is if there is such intensity between the two groups, is it possible for them to ever act more accepting like in the US? I mean, stuff like this sort of happens in the US too, but we don’t sentence people to death over it. What would it take for more religious tolerance to be promoted?

    • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is very actively promoting inter-religious harmony. Please visit http://www.alislam.org, continue reading The Muslim Times, visit The Review of Religions and watch http://www.mta.tv. – For more ‘personal’ discussions you may contact me directly also. rafiqtschannen@hotmail.com
      I lived in Jordan a dozen years and I can say that the relationship between Christians and Muslims in Jordan has always been unproblematic. (We had Christian and Muslim staff and there was never any problem between them). New churches have been constructed recently and no body objected or even bothered to comment about it. The ‘official’ relationship between Christians and Muslims also in Egypt is fine (as far as I know, I did not live there). It is some ‘splinter groups’, or rather crazy individuals, that make trouble from time to time.

      • Wow! That’s a lot better than I thought, (not that I thought anything so bad about it) because in the US we don’t know much about such these relationships overseas. That’s really good though, and I’m happy to hear it!

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