Supreme Court of Pakistan Making History by Introducing Religious Tolerance

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The Muslim Times has the best collection to promote interfaith tolerance and to refute the blasphemy laws and promote free speech


Live blog: Protests on Asia Bibi’s acquittal by the Supreme Court of Pakistan

SC acquits Asia Bibi, orders immediate release (READ MORE)

Asia Bibi, a Christian woman, was sentenced to death for blasphemy in Nov 2010
Protests break out across cities

4:07 PM

Sindh govt establishes central control room to monitor law and order situation
3:57 PM

After Punjab, Section 144 imposed in Sindh
3:46 PM

Aamir Liaquat refuses to comment on SC decision, ‘stands with PTI’
3:37 PM

NA and other institutions should ‘stand with’ the Supreme Court: Bilawal
3:31 PM

TLP protesters shut railway lines in Upper Jhelum Canal
3:16 PM

Rangers deployed in Lahore’s Youhanabad
3:08 PM

SIndh IGP tells police force to stay on high alert, patrol areas
3:04 PM

Jamaat-i-Islami issues protest call in Islamabad
2:55 PM

‘Pakistan rejects SC’s verdict in Asia Bibi case,’ claims JUI-F leader
2:43 PM

Farhatullah Babar commends SC judges ‘for refusing to be cowed down’
2:33 PM

TLP protesters block Power House Chowrangi in Karachi: social media
2:27 PM

Message must go out that blasphemy laws will no longer be abused: Amnesty
2:21 PM

Unidentified motorcyclists shutting Karachi’s Karimabad Market: social media
2:12 PM

NA steers clear of Asia Bibi verdict, TLP protests
2:09 PM

Jibran Nasir calls for reforms ‘to prevent abuse of religious laws’
1:57 PM

SC acquittal of Asia Bibi a ‘landmark judgment’: Sherry Rehman
1:50 PM

Business as usual in Supreme Court
1:46 PM

Police arrest protesters in Multan following clashes
1:41 PM

Rangers take over security at Punjab Assembly
1:39 PM

Paramilitary troops deployed in capital, SC judges’ security beefed up
1:31 PM

Red zone sealed in Islamabad
1:26 PM

TLP goes after army, judges, PTI
1:24 PM

92 News’ DSNG pelted with stones
1:19 PM

Lahore motorway and highway blocked by protesters
1:14 PM

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1:06 PM

Protesters in Karachi burn tires in reaction to Asia Bibi verdict
1:02 PM

Section 144 imposed across Punjab citing ‘threats to law and order situation’
1:01 PM

TLP workers start sit-in in New Karachi; traffic suspended
12:56 PM

JUI-F announces countrywide protests
12:45 PM

I.I. Chundrigar reportedly blocked by protesters
12:45 PM

TLP blocks ICI Bridge in Karachi: social media reports
12:39 PM

Faizabad, Aabpara and Kashmir Highway blocked: Islamabad police
12:38 PM

Jamaat-i-Ahle Hadees calls upon workers to protest against Asia Bibi’s acquittal
12:36 PM

Asia Bibi, her family react to acquittal
12:26 PM

Roads blocked in Karachi, protests begin
12:17 PM

Protests begin in Lahore against SC decision
12:17 PM

All you need to know about Asia Bibi’s trial
12:17 PM

TLP-led protests begin in Islamabad
12:17 PM

TLP chief Khadim Rizvi issues protest call
12:16 PM

JUI-F denounces SC’s judgement on Asia Bibi, calls for ‘peaceful’ protests
12:15 PM

Protesters start gathering around Faizabad in Rawalpindi
12:10 PM

SC accepts Asia Bibi’s appeal
Oct 15, 2018
1:04 AM

With 96pc reporting of by-election results, the contest is almost over
12:44 AM

By-polls 2018: Results table
12:04 AM

First Form-47 uploaded to the ECP drive
12:03 AM

ECP website wasn’t hacked, it crashed temporarily: ECP spokesperson
Oct 14, 2018
11:50 PM

By-polls 2018: Results table
11:40 PM

Results Transmission System is performing up to the mark, says ECP spokesperson
11:14 PM

ECP takes ‘strict notice’ of Saad Rafique’s remarks
9:51 PM

Poll results so far: What’s surprising, what isn’t?

28 minutes ago

Sindh govt establishes central control room to monitor law and order situation
The government of Sindh has established a central control room to “monitor the prevailing law and order situation” and “maintain liaison and communication with all the controls rooms of respective police, law enforcement agencies, commissioners and deputy commissioners”.

38 minutes ago

After Punjab, Section 144 imposed in Sindh
The Government of Sindh has imposed Section 144 in the province in light of the “constant threat alerts regarding possible terrorist activities”.
Section 144 will remain in place from Oct 31 to Nov 10 in Sindh.

Carrying arms, gathering of more than four persons, pillion riding, and taking out rallies are some of the acts prohibited under Section 144.

about an hour ago
Aamir Liaquat refuses to comment on SC decision, ‘stands with PTI’
PTI MNA Aamir Liaquat Hussain has refused to comment on the Supreme Court’s verdict in the Asia Bibi case, making it clear on Twitter that he stands with the PTI on the issue.

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