Start of construction of a new Ahmadiyya Mosque in Erfurt, Germany in November

The date of the start of the construction of the Erfurt Mosque has been fixed.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany informed that the construction will start on 13th November of this year. The speaker Suleman Malik stated that it will be the first new construction of this kind in Thüringen.

The construction of a Mosque is a peaceful occasion, which contributes to soften the thoughts of Islamophobia and contributes towards a peaceful coexistence.

Abdullah Uwe Wagishauser, President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany will lay the foundation stone. Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow and the Mayor of Erfort Andreas Bauswein are expected to attend.

There was a months long fight and resistance to the mosque construction. In January 2018 the city of Erfurt approved the construction.




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