Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Gazing monkeys image wins

Source: BBC

Two snub-nosed monkeys are pictured resting on a stone and staring intently into the distance. What are they looking at, and what are they thinking?

It turns out they are watching a big barney between members of their troop.

This image of apparent serenity versus commotion is the overall winner of the 2018 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, announced at a gala dinner at London’s Natural History Museum.

The picture was taken by Marsel van Oosten in China’s Qinling Mountains.

The Dutchman had to follow the troop for many days to understand the animals’ dynamics and predict their behaviour. His goal was to show in one shot the beautiful hair on a male snub-nosed monkey’s back, and the creature’s blue face.

Marsel’s perseverance eventually paid off with this exquisite composition that includes a smaller female behind.

The photographer told BBC News he was “shocked and honoured” to receive the award. “I am happy that it is with this particular image because it is an endangered species and one that very few people even know exists and it is important that we realise that there are a lot of species on this planet that are under threat.

View and read further in BBC

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