Erdoğan says Saudi team planned Khashoggi murder – as it happened

 The Turkish president has addressed parliament on the death of the murdered Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Jamal Khashoggi: Turkish president says journalist’s death is a ‘political killing’ – video

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  1. Jamal Kashoggi ‘s killers had implimented the primitive execution of Islamic law as follow:

    Those who fight against Allah and His Messenger and run about trying to spread disorder on the earth, their punishment is no other than that they shall be killed, or be crucified, or their hands and legs be cut off from different sides, or they be kept away from the land (they live in) 23 . That is a humiliation for them in this world, and for them there is a great punishment in the Hereafter; Q.5:33.

    How did they cut Jamal Kashoggi ? They used Bone saw.
    My Question is
    Does Ahmadiyyah agree to implement such law, in our time?

    Progresive Muslim agree that all Primitive Islamic persecution should be stope and change all of them.
    God sent His laws according to the condition of people and time.

    Is is a religion of flexibility, modrenity and logic.

    Let us hear from Ahmadiyyah faith.
    All love ❤️

    • rubbish. This murder has nothing to do with religion. It is a power-hungry political crime, simple as that. Other dictators have killed their opponents, without you being able to blame Islam for it. (Hitler, Stalin, not to speak of the more modern dictators).

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