Taiwan is set to become the first Asian government to recognize same-sex marriage. Now voters could halt that

la-1539798532-bv9w3fl2cb-snap-imageSource: Los Angeles Times


More than a year after a landmark legal ruling cleared the way for Taiwan to become the first place in Asia to recognize same-sex marriage, Taiwanese voters could reverse that distinction if they approve a ballot initiative declaring that marriage should be limited only to people of opposite sexes.

The initiative, one of three LGBTQ-related measures on the Nov. 24 ballot, could slow, or even halt, implementation of a court ruling that ordered the island to change its civil code by removing a provision that effectively banned same-sex marriage. The Constitutional Court ordered the change be made by May 2019.

A second ballot measure asks whether a process other than the civil code should protect same-sex “long-term communal living,” while a third seeks to eliminate any classroom lessons on the island about same-sex marriage.

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  1. Why not? Who cares if two people of the same sex love one another? I most certainly don’t. I get that there are many factors pertaining to it, but I think that it is an acceptable practice. Excellent post!

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