‘It’s part of who I am’: proposed Quebec law could push hijab-wearers out of jobs

Hijab women

The Muslim Times is promoting Hijab and modest dressing and secularism in every country of the world

Source: The Guardian

BY Martin Patriquin in Montreal

As an elementary school teacher in Montreal, Maha Kassef should be in high demand: the city is in the midst of a teacher shortage, resulting in overflowing classrooms and classes without teachers.

Yet because she wears a hijab, Kassef, 35, might soon be out of a job. The incoming provincial government, led by the nationalist Coalition Avenir Québec party, has announced plans to outlaw the wearing of religious symbols by many public employees – including teachers.

The new government, which will officially be sworn in 18 October after a historic election victory this month, argues that “secularism law” is necessary to preserve Quebec’s culture and historic church-state divide.

The proposed law will have a transition period, during which the affected can move to “non-authority” positions. After this, those who keep wearing religious articles “will have made the choice to no longer have a job if they wish to continue wearing a religious symbol”, said CAQ elected representative Geneviève Guilbault.

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3 replies

  1. This is truly upsetting to read, in Montreal they are in need of educators but won’t hire those who are wearing a religious symbol. This isn’t a valid reason to not allow someone to do what they love and what they have worked hard for to become. Wearing any religious symbol whether it be a hijab if you are Muslim or a turban if you are Sikh never comes in the way of doing the job correctly. People who are wearing a religious symbol have done the exact same things as those who are not wearing a religious symbol, they are also more than qualified so why does the physical appearance matter when they still look professional and ready to work everyday?

  2. Have they not learned anything from the aftermath of World War II. Banning the hijab or turban or kippah, or the cross the habit or any other religious symbol is mere discrimination of human rights and should not be allowed and is clearly stated in the charter and rights of all Canadians. So how can Quebec go ahead and propose a law against the charter of freedom in Canada? This is wrong on so many levels, it’s uncountable.

  3. It is very disappointing to see that the hijab is restricting women from pursing a career, even though the career is currently in high demand. Quebec chooses not to hire teachers that wear religious symbols, even though they are in need, this is quite sad. From Kassef’s religious symbol she is not going to be any less from the other teachers, and the lack of teachers is going to take away from the quality education the children deserve. This also takes away from religious freedom, and this law should not be implemented.

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