For Khashoggi, a Tangled Mix of Royal Service and Islamist Sympathies


Source: The New York Times

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Jamal Khashoggi landed in Washington last fall, leaving behind a long list of bad news back home.

After a successful career as an adviser to and unofficial spokesman for the royal family of Saudi Arabia, he had been barred from writing in the kingdom, even on Twitter, by the new crown prince. His column in a Saudi-owned Arab newspaper was canceled. His marriage was collapsing. His relatives had been forbidden to travel to pressure him to stop criticizing the kingdom’s rulers.

Then, after he arrived in the United States, a wave of arrests put a number of his Saudi friends behind bars, and he made his difficult decision: It was too dangerous to return home anytime soon — and maybe forever.

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3 replies

  1. Prior to having Khashoggi murdered, Prince Salman demonstrated his complete lack of moral scruples in a number of ways. First, he spends $600 million U.S. dollars on one of the world’s largest yachts. Then he spends a few hundred million more on art and French real estate. Then he arrests the opposition for “corruption” and extorts money from them for their release.

    When Richard Dawkins book, THE GOD DELUSION was translated into Arabic, it got 10 million free downloads, including about 3 million in Saudi Arabia. For every one who had the courage to download, there are probably ten others. So there are most likely 30-40 million people in Saudi Arabia alone that don’t believe in Islam but nominally remain in it for socio-economic reasons or to avoid violence. The behavior of this Prince is merely accelerating the decline of Islam.

    • Thanks to Allah we have ‘The Khalifa of Peace’, who accelerates the rise of Islam. The Crown Prince is just, well, a worldly Prince. For religious knowledge please visit, watch and continue to read The Muslim Times ! Google: Mirza Masroor Ahmad

  2. Douglas Gray your hope or prediction of demise of Islam is a little exaggerated. Islam is a set of true ideas that are winning out in the world every day.

    For example there is one God, men cannot be Gods, Jesus is not God, for he was born to mother Mary. If he was, he did not even know any language at birth, as all new borns.

    Individual teachings of Islam are winning every day, for example, alcohol is bad for you in so many ways and five times daily prayers are helpful as modern science is singing constant songs of meditation.

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