Prof. Richard Dawkins and Questions and Answers about Islam by Mehdi Hasan

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Prof. Richard Dawkins.  The Muslim Times has the best collection on Religion & Science, atheism and agnosticism

2 replies

  1. God of Islam is the creator and sustainer of all creatures in the universe. He is ever merciful and kind to all human being. He knows the shortcoming of the human being to make mistakes. He is asking to repent and make a U-turn and promise not to repeat it again.

    God never asked his mankind to worship him but wants the people to follow his commandments mentioned in Quran. Mind you, Islam is not a religion but complete code of life. Prophet Mohammad (S) never flew on a white horse went to see God in seven heavens. Prophet Mohammad (S) never split the moon into two parts. All these nonsense of fairy tales were induced by Persian fake Imams in Islam religion.

    All the rest of worldly religion are based on fairy tales.

  2. Once again I am here. We live in the age of science and technology. No one can mislead us.
    The whole Quran is based on science, not any fairy tales. Bible talks that all the creatures in the universe were created in six days. Now scientists ask when the Sun was not there, how six days could be counted. Quran talks the creation in six stages. (Which one is true)
    God has enforced his laws in nature which has permanent values. God has not given power to any Prophets to break his laws. perform miracles and grow apples on a banana tree, And God will never break his own laws either to break his laws and raise the Sun from the West.
    After the death of Prophet Mohammad (S) 150 to 250 years later Persian fake Imams invented fake stories, fake Hadees and false explanation of Quran very successfully deviated Muslims away from Islam Deen of Quran and entangled them in their fake Islam religion.
    For over thousand years Muslims are following the fake Islam religion of Persian, not the Islam of Deen of Quran.

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