As Isis is defeated, the Trump administration is opening the door to a new round of Middle East wars by targeting Iran as the source of all evil

 The exaggeration of ‘the Iranian threat’ by the Trump administration this week at the UN General Assembly in New York was very like what was being said by Bush and Blair about Iraq fifteen years ago

The shadowy figures of Kurdish fighters can be just made out on film as they ambush and kill three pro-Turkish fighters in a night time attack in Afrin in northern Syria. The Kurdish enclave was invaded and occupied by the Turkish army and their Syrian armed opposition allies earlier in the year. Sporadic guerrilla warfare has been going on ever since.

This skirmish took place a few days after an attack on a military parade by gunmen a thousand miles away from Afrin in Ahvaz in southwest Iran that killed 25 people. Film shows soldiers and civilians running in panic as they are sprayed with bullets, leaving 25 dead, including 11 conscripts and a four-year-old child. The killings were claimed by both Isis and Arab separatists from the province of Khuzestan whom the Iranians accused of acting as catspaws for the US, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

These incidents matter because they may be the harbinger of the next round of confrontations, crises and wars engulfing the Middle East. The most recent phase of conflict in the region saw the rise and fall of Isis and failed campaigns to overthrow the governments of Syria and Iraq. But Isis, which three years ago ruled a de facto state with a population of five or six million, has been largely crushed and confined to desert hideouts. President Bashar al-Assad – whose fall was confidently predicted after the uprising in 2011 – is firmly in power, as is the Iraqi government that suffered calamitous defeats at the time of the Isis capture of Mosul in 2014.

But the round of conflicts just ending may soon be replaced by another with different players and different issues. The guerrilla action in Afrin is a single episode in the escalating confrontation between Turkey and the Kurds in northern Syria which will involve the US and Russia. The Middle East is always dangerous because, like the Balkans before 1914, it is full of complex but ferocious conflicts that draw in the great powers. The risk is always there but is more dangerous under President Trump because he and his administration view the Middle East through a paranoid prism in which they everywhere see the hidden hand of Iran. President George W Bush and Tony Blair had similar tunnel vision during the invasion of Iraq in 2003 when they blamed everything that went wrong on a remnant of Saddam Hussein supporters.


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  1. The root of the world problem of conflict was 9/11 2001 by Al Qaida—-since then US plus its allies have been hunting all terrorist around the world. The world became instability since then.

    Yes Iran is also the root of problem of conflict, because Iran also want to expel Jews from Israel.

    Why Al Qaida attatcked and killed 3000 innocdnt people, what his motivation to attack US?

    From my observation because Al Qaida followed the Prophet commandment as follow:

    Sahih Muslim 4366—“ I will expel the Jews and Christian from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim”

    I concider this hadith Muslim is against Al Quran is FALSE HADITH.

    This false hadith has caused million innocent people died and suffere.

    So both extremist Sunni and Syahh are the root of the world problem— both extremist reject Human Human Right and justice for all.

    Both extremist Islam have been persecuting Ahmadiyy for century. Very sad indeed

    Yes, the world have to fight the extremist Islam who create problem.

    All my love ❤️

    • Somi, dream on. There are still Jews happily living in Iran. – And whether someone in a cave in Afghanistan directed 9/11 is not universally believed/accepted. – But that it was the USA who changed regimes all over the place, including Iran before the Shah everyone knows. Ask Tower Nr. 7 why it collapsed when no plane reached it…

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