Swiss canton St Gallen votes for ban on burqas in public


Source: DW

The canton of St Gallen has become the second in Switzerland to vote in favor of a ban on facial coverings in public. The Swiss also voted against a measure promoting organic and sustainable agriculture.

Voters in the northeastern Swiss canton of St. Gallen on Sunday overwhelmingly approved a new law that would see facial coverings such as the burqa banned in public, with two-thirds casting a ballot in favor of the legislation under the Swiss system of direct democracy.

One other Swiss canton, that of Italian-speaking Ticino in the south, introduced a similar law two years ago.

The law was approved against the will of the regional St. Gallen government, which will now be obliged to implement the result. The outcome is valid despite just 36-percent turnout at the referendum.

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  1. I wonder if even one burka wearing lady is actually a permanent resident of the Canton of St. Gall. The only Burka wearing ladies that I have seen in Zurich and Geneva were tourists from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. As they are good shoppers with Gold and Platinum Creit Cards I consider it rather silly to chase them away

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