At Yom Kippur, business leaders profit from reflecting on ethics


Source: Religion News Service

BY Michele Chabin

JERUSALEM (RNS) — Roughly one-sixth of the 613 commandments in the Torah, the Hebrew Scriptures, touch on business and monetary practices. The Talmud, the commentary on Jewish law, fleshes out these principals with real-life scenarios.

At the High Holy Days, when Jews contemplate their failings and achievements in the year past, these commandments carry special meaning for those in business.

That’s why in late August, two weeks before the beginning of the Jewish New Year, Leah Zakh Aharoni, a business coach in Jerusalem, devoted her monthly meetup for religious businesswomen to business ethics and invited Rabbi Yoel Domb, who teaches Jewish business ethics at Touro College, to speak.

Ne’eelah, the fervent final Yom Kippur prayer service, “is a special time to request from God the opportunity to repay our debts and fulfill our financial obligations,” said Domb.

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