The E.U. Is Planning a 10,000-Strong Armed Force to Protect Its Borders. Here’s What to Know

download (3)Source: Time

The European Union will deploy 10,000 armed border guards to tackle unlawful migration by 2020, the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced in a speech on Wednesday.

The force will have the power to use armed force on the E.U.’s external borders, according to a draft of the document reported Monday by the Financial Times.

Migration has been a particularly divisive issue within the E.U. since a major influx of refugees in 2015. Voters’ fears and concerns over migration have, in part, led to right wing parties surging in popularity and being elected to government in a number of member states including Italy and Austria.

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  1. This is funny in a sad way. They put up their borders to refugees of war and victims that they start. Do they realize that they had no consideration that they entered the refugee ‘s country without permission and began a war that took away their home, their safety, they hopes and dreams, their future, their plans , their everything’s, sometimes even it has claimed some family members Rios, they are broken and in grief fleeing, running for their lives and instead for helping them with a safe home you turn back to death’s door. Now that’s the real devil. You burn down the house and then you tell them to stay inside if they know what’s good for them. So this is what EU and US is doing, they are reducing the world’s population. That’s all. Shame on them.

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