Peace Conference in Karlsruhe – Ahmadiyya Annual Gathering in Rheinstetten, Germany

Huzur in Germany

Worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad.  The Muslim Times is promoting interfaith tolerance in every country of the world

SWR Aktuell

September, 2018

About 40’000 Muslims are coming this weekend to a peaceful conference of the Ahmadiyya Community in the Karlsruhe Stadium in Rheinstetten. Dialogue and Peace are being promoted.

From all over Europe Muslims are arriving. The peace conference started with the Friday Prayers on Friday afternoon. Highlights are the addresses of the Khalifa, the spiritual leader of the religious community.

muslims for freedom


Important topic this year is that Islam belongs to Germany. The debate show the necessity to dialogue like never before, the press invitation of the Ahmadiyya Community shows. The community has stressed its loyalty to Germany. The Ahmadiyya Annual Gathering is according to its own  information the largest regular meeting of Muslims in Europe.

Liberal, but ‘value conservative’

The Ahmadiyya Community is considered by other Muslims as a sect. The community describes itself as liberal but a value-conservative reform community. She emphasises the tolerance and acceptance of those who think differently and a peaceful spirit.

In Hamburg and Hessen the Ahmadiyya Community is recognised as a ‘body of the public law’ and therefore has a similar status as the christian churches. According to their own information they have up to 45’000 active members and are having 50 mosques.

muslim prayer

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