Iraqi Yazidis seek refuge in church as last resort


Yazidis seek church asylum as Europe’s empathy for refugees wanes

Source: AlJazeera

In a German convent, the church is now being used as a last-resort shelter for a group of Iraqi Yazidis whose asylum applications have been rejected.

“It was clear in 2015 that we needed to respond in one way or another,” says Sister Stephanie, explaining why her convent opened its doors to refugees one year after the massacre of Yazidis in Sinjar, Iraq.

The UN estimated that in August 2014, around 3,000 were Yazidis were killed and 6,000 were taken captive.

“We’ll protect them because it’s clear that these people are refugees who have been through everything. We would take hundreds if we had hundreds of beds,” she says, adding that the convent is overwhelmed with requests for shelter.

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