World Peace and Justice – Peace Symposium Hyderabad

“We brought up our children in such a way that they dont know their caste even now”: JD Lakshminarayana, Former CBI Officer

Hyderabad : The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (AMC) International District Hyderabad held its Annual Interfaith World Peace Symposium here in the city on Saturday night at Hotel Mariegold, Ameerpet. The theme of this year’s Symposium was“World Peace and Justice in Unjust World”. 


Addressing the 500 plus gathering Justice T. Amarnath Goud, Honourable High Court Judge said, we all are one. All religions, faiths are same.  God created them as one. But, we are making differences among ourselves.  God made this world and we must be happy in it.  If there is no peace in mind, how can you ensure peace in the family, he asked.

It is not unjust world. Some people with selfish motives are making this world an unjust world,  Justice T. Amarnath Goud added

Kids must be taught moral science and how to mingle with people from different religions and faiths from early childhood, they grow up respecting other faiths. So that we don’t have to organized Peace Symposiums like this one, said Justice T. Amarnath Goud.

Give respect, if you need respect, he told the inter-religious audience packed full in the room on Satruday night.

Speaking on the occasion former CBI officer JD Lakshminarayana said If you want development, you need peace.  If you want peace, you need justice.  Unfortunately people don’t have knowledge about other religions.  Once while I was working in Nanded, we published a small booklet giving details about every religion and what it preaches.  After that we could able to control inter-religious clashes.  Let us know all other religions.  Let us like like a family. Let us leave our castes and religions in our homes.  We didn’t let our children know their caste. That is how we have brought up our children, he said.

Politicians are diving people.  They come out with their own manifestos. That is why I am propagating Village Manifesto. Instead of politicians giving their manifesto, when they go to villages seeking votes, people must give them their manifesto of development, J D Lakshminarayana said.

Welcoming the gathering, Mohd Azmathullah Ghori, President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community International Hyderabad District said we should be in the front line in the battle for peace.  Our weapons should be prayers and songs of peace.

Recalling what Holy Quran says, Ahmad said, “If any one has killed a person, it is like as if he has killed the whole of human kind.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community opposes all kinds of Terrorism, he added.

The prime purpose of conducting the World Peace Symposium, according to Muhammed Azmathullah Ghori, President of AMC was to address the growing restlessness, conflicts, hostilities.  It also addressed the Islamic way and the duty of every human to save humanity from the brink of disaster and help establish peace in the world.

The Peace Symposium is an annual event and is an endeavor to highlight and promote Interfaith Peace and Harmony in a world that is religious, culturally and ideologically diverse informed Muhammed Azmathullah Ghori, President of AMC, District Hyderabad

Many speakers who represented different religions—Hindu, Sikh, Christina, Nirankari, Jain, Buddhism observed that ‘World Peace is the Critical Need of the Hour’.

Over 350 people attended it from various walks of life, backgrounds, and faiths.

The program started with Recitation of verses from the Holy Quran followed by a few introductory speeches about the community and its contributions worldwide. A documentary was showcasing its initiatives and works of his Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad – the Fifth Caliph was played which included glimpses of his address to World leaders and Parliaments including Capitol Hill, UK House of Commons and the Canadian Parliament.

Welcoming the gathering, Mr. Azmath Ghori said Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a global Muslim movement.  It was founded in Punjab, British India, in 1884 by Mirza Ghulam Ahmed. The community is a global community spread in over 204 countries with tens of millions of members worldwide.  Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has been holding Peace Symposiums all over the world for the past several years.  The organization believes in promoting peace and inter-religious harmony.   His Holiness, our Guru continually advocates the path to peace through the worship of God Almighty and service to humanity. Towards this direction many sermons, lectures organized, books published and personal meetings held

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community initiated Peace Symposiums all over the world added Mr. Azmath Ghori.   They are attended by nearly one thousand people including ministers, parliamentarians, faith leaders, diplomats and other dignitaries. It also launched the annual ‘Ahmadiyya Muslim Prize for the Advancement of Peace.‘ This is an international peace award for an individual or organization that has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment and service to the cause of peace and humanitarianism.

Speaking further, Mr. Azmath said We are a peace-loving community.  Ahmadi Muslim is an extremely loyal citizen and loves their motherland and follows the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammed that the love for one’s country is an integral part of one’s faith.  Every Ahmadi Muslim believes that God Almighty has sent prophets and reformers for the spiritual development of humanity at all times and we make no distinction between them. We, therefore, believe in Jesus Christ, Shree Krishna, Gautama Buddha to be prophets of God.  We believe that Prophet Mohammed as the last prophet and the seal to be prophethood.

The word Islam means Peace.  Islam guarantees peace in every sphere be it social, economic, inter-religious, individual, national affairs and international affairs.  We believe that our beliefs must inspire peace and demonstrated by our actions.



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