By secular standards, the Catholic Church is a corrupt organization: Neil Macdonald

Canada News:

Solutions for priestly abuse: wiretaps, search warrants, informers and ordaining women (Stefano Rellandini/Reuters)

WARNING: This column contains disturbing details

Imagine for a moment that a big, admired multinational corporation, one selling a beloved product, was employing large numbers of male pedophiles and rapists, operating in rings all over the world, and that their crimes had been uncovered in Australia, Ireland, Canada, the Philippines, Belgium, France, Austria, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Britain, Germany and the United States, and, further, that senior executives had systematically covered up and suppressed evidence, transferring and enabling hundreds of predators, betraying thousands of victims.

What would happen to the company is not terribly difficult to imagine.

At a minimum, the U.S. government would likely use its Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) law to go after not only the rapists and molesters, but also the company’s executives, up to and including its CEO if possible, seizing the company’s assets and seeking the harshest possible prison terms. That’s the sort of thing RICO was invented for. The company would almost certainly collapse.

But of course no company’s warranty guarantees everlasting life, and no company maintains that its CEO is chosen by God.


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  1. The right thing for the Pope to do would be to waive his sovereign privilege (he is a sitting head of state), and invite criminal authorities to freely and fully access church records worldwide, and drain the holy swamp. He might also consider at this stage ordaining women, because women are God’s creatures too, perfectly able to spiritually guide the faithful, and, umm, don’t tend to rape children. But the privileged old men who run the church aren’t going to allow any of that. They’re a bit like gun control opponents, opposing an obvious solution on doctrinaire grounds.

    This is how a worldly scholar will suggest. But nothing will change as it is a scheme from God Almighty. Catholic Church had its glory for many centuries and now era is over. The universal religion Islam now has to take over the religious field of the whole world. Prophet of Islam (pbuh) was revealed a universal religion and book. Over centuries though its teachings also got corrupted. But with the advent of Promised Messiah (Jesus Christ) who is founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community things are changing at much faster pace and now it can be counted that in near future Ahmadiyya Islam is going to take over global religious field. Even if Catholic Church brings women nothing is going to alter. No one can fight with the schemes of God Almighty who has decided to side with Ahmadiyya Islam. It may look surprising to some people but this is what was prophesied in Torah, Bible and Quran and things are moving for the fulfilment of these prophecies.

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