Attack on Ahmadi worship place: Fake social media posts spurred violence in Ghaseetpura

Source: Dawn.Com

FAISALABAD: Unbridled unauthenticated fake posts on social media created problems for the police to maintain the law and order in Ghaseetpura in the Balochni police area that witnessed an attack on Ahmadi worship place on Thursday.

Scores of such posts were seen on social media which claimed that seven Muslims were killed by the firing of the Ahmadi community and others were injured while police were not providing security to the Muslims. However, not a single casualty has been reported or confirmed by any government institutes like hospitals, Rescue 1122, police and other law enforcement agencies. But the social media worked like fuel to the fire and played a major part in fanning the emotions of the Muslims who did not know the reality.

Meanwhile, sensing the situation of the area, SSP (operations) Haider Sultan has been tasked with ensuring all the preventive measures and picketing and patrol in the area to avert any further untoward incident. Besides, a six-member team of police, headed by the SSP (investigation), has been formed to supervise investigation into the incident which is stated to be the result of a feud between the Ahmadi and Muslims in Ghaseetpura. Eighteen people were injured in the violence. The SP Jaranwala, SP legal, DSP Khurrianwala, DSP organised crime and SHO Sargodha Road Police Station are members of the committee.




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  1. Good to know this impartial reporting. However level of truthfulness of statements of new Information Minister is questionable. Why it is said so as he came on media and announced that the incident in Faisalabad was a dispute among two groups and has nothing to do with religious matters. If his statement is taken true then why worship place as well residence of local Ahmadiyya community was torched. Why only Ahmadiyya community members were injured. When a new minister of Naya Pakistan makes such flase narration who will trust him for his other statements.

  2. Fake News has become really dangerous. In preparation of the next presidential elections in Indonesia it has also been noticed that already fake news is being circulated against the present President. Strict laws and punishments need to be made for spreading fake news.

    To protect Ahmadiyyah Muslim and Mosque who live in Islamic countries need some polices to prevent the extremist Muslim attackers. Otherwise killing innocent people of Ahmadiyyah will continue. Very sad indeed.

    All love ❤️

    • It seems you have been a long time out of the ‘sub-continent’. Of course there are police men in front of Ahmadiyya Mosques in Pakistan. The usual pattern is that they will look away when the mob comes, ‘calling for reinforcements’ I think they call it. After the mob has destroyed the Ahmadiyya property they will arrest the victims. Happens again and again.

  4. Very sad and disappointing steps taken by the new government and it shows that all of them just just vow to protect the minorities within Pakistan but none will do anything once in power because they got what they wanted- power. Simple. So we have always been right to put our faith and trust in the one and only God to protect us.

  5. It’s true that Allah always helps innocent and powerless people but we also hope and expect that the new government will try to protect minority’s rights and will not repeat the mistakes of the previous governments.
    It’s also a reality that Allah is most powerful and when he decides to do something it happens; no one can stand in his way.

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