Letting Priests Marry Would Not Solve the Catholic Church’s Pedophilia Problem

hkjSource: Daily Beast

Just let priests have legit sex, some say, and all this hideousness will end. No, it won’t. Pedophiles are pedophiles, and we see them in milieus where men can marry.

Media attention this week has been sharply focused on the ongoing legal travails of President Trump and various former members of his campaign and business teams. But for 1.2 billion people in the world, these scandals pale in comparison to one much more nefarious and closer to home: The latest round of sex abuse and cover-up allegations being pointed squarely at the Catholic Church.

Scandals involving sex abuse—and sex abuse of children by clergy, specifically—are something that we Catholics have come to feel is almost an obligatory, must-happen-once-every-few-years moral crisis. Many of us feel that our fellow human beings look more askance at us with each round of horrific allegations, wondering how we can continue to maintain our faith and religious affiliation.

We brace ourselves for the inevitable proposing of “reforms” that would supposedly rid the church of this problem from people outside of it, and for the politicization of every scandal by fellow Catholics with agendas within it. Inevitably, the most conservative Catholics call for a purge of all clergy who consider themselves gay, whether they are celibate or not. Inevitably, those outside the church issue calls for the church to simply allow priests to marry, on the basis that somehow people who are turned on by little children will have their urges and desires satisfied by an adult woman.

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