BREAKING NEWS: Ahmadi Mosque set on Fire – worshippers shot at …

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  1. Oh Allah grant us all your protection and shower your blessings on us in such a way that even our enemies will see that your are favoring us …

  2. Innalilahi wainna illahi rajiuun
    Very sad indeed—this killing wiil continue until KSA and Iran obey Human Right, equality, justice for all. Freedom of religion and expression.

    Ahmadiyyah should support Isreal and US to defeat the extremist Muslim in KSA and Iran publictly.

    Wait and see what Allah’s plan to Ahmadiyya in Oakistan and Indonesia.
    All love ❤️

  3. And so it begins again under the reins of the new government that was gonna fix the unjustified pain caused to the minorities within Pakistan. But we all knew that was too good to be true. And we all knew better. That is why we all always put our faith and our trust and our devotion and our love to the One, the only, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent all powerful Most Gracious and ever Merciful Almighty Allah, our Protector, creator of the Heavens and the Earth.

  4. It is so sad and heartbreaking that in the name of Allah and Holy Prophet( saw) they are doing everything. May Allah be our protector and guide them to the real path of tolerance and peace.

  5. Aameen.

    May Allah, the Almighty bring the culprits to the justice and make them an example.

    O Allah, we have only your support and no one else, be our protector at all times. Aameen.

  6. So heartbreaking and deeply saddening it is to hear about news like this. It occurs so much it doesn’t seem like news but more of a reality of the situation of our ahamdi brother and sisters. May Allah protect all our ahamdi brother and sisters who continue to live in fear and grant them security and peace in their lives.. so much for the #nayapakistan

  7. This is truly so upsetting. I pray that Allah safeguards us all from these horrific attacks and gives patience to those families that are grieving.

  8. A very sad incident.
    All these actions they are doing on the name of Islam.No one is safe and secure in this country .

  9. It is so horrific to see that Pakistanis do not accept Ahmadis as people. It is even more horrific that in 2018, these things are still happening and people are not able to act as decent humans. This is definitely not what the Holy Prophet (pbuh) preached.

  10. May Allah help those who are injured and protect everyone from these enemies. May Allah give strength to all Ahmadis

  11. Very sad news , May Allah protect all Ahmadies in their Own country where they made many many
    Sacrifices for its “Salmiyat “ but have no rights to be protected there.

    • Very sad incident!
      May Allah protect all Ahmadies and strengthen
      Them to bear these hardships.

  12. How long? B patient and pray to The Almighty… are in our daily prayers….Allah is the best of planners..Does relief not come after hardship???

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