If You Wanted a Muslim Times’ App: ‘Feedly,’ is Answer to Your Prayers

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

Many of my friends have suggested to me that many readers would like to read the Muslim Times’ posts in an App, rather than in the email or our website.

Getting an all new dedicated App is an expensive proposition. But, then I realized that if milk is available in the market I don’t need to raise a cow in my backyard.

Feedly is a smart reader that connects you to the information you need to stay ahead of the curve in your space.

Every day, millions of professionals and passionate learners use Feedly on their iPhones and iPads to follow the blogs, magazines, and other sources that matter to them.


The Muslim Times is promoting secularism in every country of the world, for there in lies the panacea to Islamophobia, sectarianism and Israeli-Palestinian conflict

I downloaded the Feedly App a couple of weeks ago in my iPhone and this gives me a quick way of looking at all the new posts made in the Muslim Times daily, by all the different editors.

You can find it in the App store on your phone, install it and then search for the Muslim Times.  You will find our blog with a W, which stands for WordPress that is the software in which it is made.  By using the + sign on the top add it to your feed and go through the subsequent steps.  You would need to log in Feedly by creating a new account or by using your Google or Facebook log in, to complete the process.

You are not done until you see the final screen, which states that you have added the Muslim Times to your feedly, as in the picture below:

IMG_3073Now you are done and will be able to see all the new posts in the Muslim Times in your Feedly App. Mission accomplished!

But, what is the Muslim Times doing for you?  If you value any good article as a beautiful flower that you find in CNN, BBC, the Washington Post or the Huffington Post, then we are a bouquet that collects all the beautiful flowers in the jungle out there.

With this metaphor, it is hard to over estimate the value of the Muslim Times.

We provide the best to understand Islam and ‘religion and science.‘ We are the Mecca for secularism in public life, interfaith tolerance, human and women rights, freedom of speech and to refute Islamophobia, sectarianism and racism.

So, go ahead and search the Feedly App on your phone and you are good to go.


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