Flying while Brown and Muslim

L.A. To Washington Flight Seen As Possible Terror Target

A general exterior view of Dulles Airport, one of the Washington, DC’s area airports.  The Muslim Times has the best collection to refute Islamophobia, sectarianism and racism

Source: Politico

By Qasim Rashid

I got harassed at the airport by Customs and Border Patrol. Good thing I’m a lawyer—in the Trump era, others aren’t so lucky.

After a week of exhausting travel in London, I wanted nothing more than to see my wife and children.

Customs and Border Patrol at Dulles had other plans.

On Aug. 6, I landed on UA919 from Heathrow to Dulles wearing my Ahmadiyya Muslim Community logo-embroidered press jacket. I cleared passport control with my Global Entry card, and called an Uber as I headed for the exit.

That’s when Customs and Border Protection, as one of the officers I encountered put it, “randomly selected” me for additional screening. What I experienced next involved harassment, threats of further interrogation, allegations that I was non-compliant and breaking the law, an attempt to confiscate my travel documents and childish stalling tactics — all courtesy of officials hired to protect Americans like me.

There’s a deep irony of my experience with the CBP that day. At an extremely busy Dulles airport, the CBP interrogation hall was virtually empty. A middle-aged white woman in a ponytail singled me out of the crowd.

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  1. amazing. Well at the Swiss security (outgoing) the officers were questioning my bottle of honey. I said: ‘why don’t you put your finger in it and lick it off’. Well, finally they let me go, with the honey. Really: I always think Osama bin Laden should get a Nobel Price in economics. No one else created that many jobs…

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