Jews and Muslim can of course be friends

As Jewish and Muslim friends, we have worked out what we have in common and how we can set a positive example

Source: Independent

We have learned that the will of good people to create relationships between communities living side by side can overcome and break the dangerous cycle of fear and hate

‘This climate leaves us more hopeful than ever that communities across the nation can play their role in cutting through the hate and insults’
‘This climate leaves us more hopeful than ever that communities across the nation can play their role in cutting through the hate and insults’ ( Mustafa Field and Natan Levy )

In today’s environment some may ask what we – a Jew and a Muslim – could possibly have in common. The truth is, we’ve been friends for years and we share a great deal, including a common understanding of what it means to be on the receiving end of prejudice.

Prejudice, unfortunately, can be found in all corners of society, and spreads like a virus. It is often caused by a lack of knowledge and false interpretations, despite what Britain ultimately stands for, which is mutual respect, liberty and tolerance. But our lived reality shows that while there is hate and discrimination that certainly needs to be tackled, there is also huge compassion, cross-community understanding and shared values in our brilliant Britain.

As the directors of a grassroots organisation which aims to bring communities together, this climate leaves us more hopeful than ever that communities across the nation can play their role in cutting through the hate and insults thrown about in the media and on social platforms, and to set a positive example. This includes work colleagues sharing a lunch, parents getting to know each other at the school gates and inter-faith learning, like the recent Ramadan iftars that have just taken place, where Jews opened their doors to Muslims breaking the fast, and the upcoming Jewish festival of Sukkot, where mosques will be hosting the Jewish community. This gives communities the chance to create relationships and celebrate all that is positive about being different.

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  1. As God’s children should love and respect each other—this is a CREATIOR ‘S law how to live in peace in pluralistic society.

    As Government should protect all individual’s right, equality, and justice for all.

    So as long as every one and every leader of nations can follow these laws above, the world will be better off to live together in peace, happiness and prosperity.

    What is the big problem in our world to day is that:
    Some people do not obey God’s law above
    Some countries do not obey God’s law above.

    For example: some Arab countries do not obey Human Right, equality and justice for all— some countries does.

    Another exampke: like TMT Ahmadiyyah blog.
    Ahmadiyyah TMT do not obey Human Right properly, TMT still do not allow the freefom of expression, because I am not ahmadiyya,. TMT still censor or put my comment on awaiting moderation. Very sad indeed.

    Human Right, equality and justice for all and. Love and respect each other— the main key for peace, happiness and prosperity.
    All love ❤️

    • and, as usual, you do not speak of the human rights violations committed by Israel. Why? Should we not follow ‘equal justice for all’ ? (equal justice: all comments are moderated, not only some).

  2. Dear Rafiq—if you moderate or censor all comments, it means you reject the freedom of expression or speech.
    You allow a comment if it is not against your thought
    You delate a comment if it is against your thought.
    It is not right absolutely-Rafiq

    I still keep correcting your freedom of expression in TMT blog. I am sorry
    All love ❤️

    • wrong. I do not agree with all comments. I even allow most of your comments, except if they are identical with a hundred previous ones…

  3. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    Dear Rafiq —-
    and, as usual, you do not speak of the human rights violations committed by Israel. ===


    As Isaid here before about human Right in Israel.
    Please out your feed in Jews shoes. Jews are living surrounded by million Arab people, 10 x bigger than Jews population they are so hate Jews, it is a culture of Arab Muslim—since the time of Prophet.

    If Israel perform Human Right like US, or Westren countries, where majority vote will govern Israel—Israel in few decades will fall into Arab Muslim’s hand., because Arab Muslim population grow faster than Jews—( from birth and immigrant ) 10 times faster.

    Therefore Israel will protect the identity Jews in Israel. Jews leaders will not let Israel will fall into Arab Muslim’ HANDS.

    Except if all Arab countries like Jordan, Egypt,Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Emirat Arab, Qatar obey Human Right, equality, justice for all and freedom of religion and expression.

    Dear Rafiq— actually the main key to stop killing innocent people in Arab countries or achieve peaceful world is in THE HANDS OF KING SAUDI ARABIA.

    If King Of Saudi Arabia accept Human Right, equality and judtice for all, all Arab and Islamic majority countries will follow Saudi Arabia.

    Let us pray to God, may God guide King Saudi to obey Human Right, and women’s right— hopefully US and Westren countries will JOIN Canada to speak up loudly and demand Saudi Arabia to obey Human Right.

    All love ❤️

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