The Eton education and Boris Johnson

The real victims of Boris Johnson’s remarks about Muslim women are the people who paid for his Eton education

Boris Johnson has a point when he criticises the ridiculous clothes worn by some Muslim women, because in any sensible society, instead of being made to wear daft garments such as a burqa, people would be practical and wear tails and a top hat or a gown and mortarboard, the sort of everyday attire he wore in his youth.

That’s what these Muslim women need: a couple of years in Boris’s old group the Bullingdon Club to teach them how to behave normally.

The tailcoat that Boris Johnson had to wear as a member cost £3,500. And that didn’t even cover the whole body, so he’s probably worried about the expense of a burqa to Muslim women. All that material must cost double that; he’s simply considering others as usual.

In any case, his comment that women in burqas resemble bank robbers is merely stating a fact. That’s how the gang that carried out the Hatton Garden heist got away with it for so long – everyone thought they were a bunch of women wearing burqas. A photo of Reggie Kray next to one of a woman in a burqa is the hardest “spot the difference” puzzle you’ll ever see – they’re indistinguishable.



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