Progressive American Jewish Groups Troubled By Israel’s Divisive Nation-State Law

Source: Huffington Post

The Reform and Conservative movements, which together represent about half of Jewish Americans, have voiced objections to the law.

Progressive American Jewish organizations are reacting with dismay to Israel’s new “nation-state” law, claiming that the legislation damages the country’s image as a democratic nation.

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The controversial new law, backed by Israel’s right-wing government and approved Thursday, declares that only Jewish people have the right of “self-determination” in the country and downgrades Arabic from an official language to one with “special status.” As one of Israel’s Basic Laws, the measure supersedes the country’s Declaration of Independence and has the weight of a constitutional amendment.


Many Israeli Arab lawmakers condemned the law as racist and said it turns the country’s 1.8 million Arabs into “second-class citizens,” The Associated Press reports.


Across the pond, many American Jewish organizations are also voicing their objections to the law. While some groups applauded the law for affirming the essential Jewish character of Israel, many leaders were concerned the measure could be a threat to Israeli democracy.


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5 replies

  1. What is about Arab states that suround the tiny state of Israel. All Arab states such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan. etc are states of Arab people.

    This is my question: is Jews no right to has their own state of Jews?
    My solution is all Arab states should be equality for all people include Jews and Christian.

    All love ❤️

    • Let the Jews have a state, but they should treat everyone equally. Somi is silent when Israelis sentence a Palestinian girl to 8 months in prison for slapping an Israeli soldier and they sentence a Jew to 9 months in prison for murdering a Palestinian. Equality? Also Arab household get one liter of water for Jewish household gets ten liters of water. Equality?

    • You do not understand what this ‘Jewish State Law’ means. It means Apartheid. More than half of American Jews are against it and you are for it. Please study the issue properly.

  2. Rafiq—you did not get my point— my point is as long Arab Nations surround tge tuny state of Israel who discriminate all minority groups such as: Jews, Christian Hindu, AHMADIYYAH too, Israel has the right to retaliate Arab nations.
    As I tell many times here, I reject strongly State of religion, state of race like: Saudi, Iran ( religion), S. Africa,(race), N. Korea (Ideology atheist).

    I support Jewish state now, just because Jews has the right to protect their identity from the discriminative Arab nations toward Jews and Christion. Arab’s culture is no peaceful tribes ( Q.3:103 ), they reject pluralists c society, secular demicrstic system. You know that Right.

    What I really want is in order to achieve permanent PEACE in the Middle East, all Nations in Middle East HAVE to Obey Human Right, Secular democratic system, justice for all, and equality—- just like Europe countries.

    If Arab States can do it, all minority groups like AHMADIYYAH and others can live in peace to pursue tgeir dream—

    Hopefully you dont get me wrong Rafiq.

    All love ❤️
    I still keep demanding you Rafiq as TMT , keep freedom of expression or speak here, I feel you discriminate me against my comment, you do not like to criticize Ahmadiyyah— you put my comment in awaiting moderation. It is used to be NO awaiting moderation. Please be just and freedom of expression. God bless you.

  3. Rafiq —-Somi is silent when Israelis sentence a Palestinian girl to 8 months in prison for slapping an soldier/-

    This is my comment.
    It really make me sick when children get killed every where not in Gaza, but also in Yamen, Syaria, Iraq, Turkey Kurdis, Pakistan and Westren countries too.

    What make different between Palestine and others is:

    Palestine childern got killed because their leaders and PARENTS ask their children to fight their enemy.

    Other countries Children got killed because his enemy Bomb Or kill them intentionally or unintentionally—

    Therefore Ahed Atamimi deserved to put in Jail because she broke the law.

    I do not know why she got 8 months in jail, and a Israel soldier got 9 monthd in jail.

    This is my opinion Rafiq

    All love ❤️

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