Steve Bannon to set up ‘The Movement’ foundation to boost far-right across Europe

Donald Trump’s former chief strategist wants to ‘spark a right-wing revolution’

Steve Bannon was fired as White House chief strategist in August 2017

Steve Bannon was fired as White House chief strategist in August 2017 ( Getty )

Donald Trump‘s former adviser Steve Bannon is setting up a foundation to boost the spread of far-right political groups across Europe.

The strategist hopes the non-profit organisation called “The Movement” will rival the liberal Open Society Foundation set up by billionaire George Soros in 1984.

“Soros is brilliant,” Mr Bannon told the Daily Beast website. “He’s evil, but he’s brilliant.”

Since his departure from the White House in August last year, the former Breitbart editor has met a series of right-wing leaders including France’s Marine Le Pen, Alice Weidel of Alternative for Germany, Hungary’s Viktor Orban and Nigel Farage.

In March he urged a Front National rally in France to “let them call you racist” and “wear it as a badge of honour” as he claimed that history was on the side of the far-right.

During his visit to the UK last week he described the founder of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson, as the “backbone” of Britain in comments made off-air after his appearance on Mr Farage’s LBC radio show.

Mr Bannon said the new foundation would offer polling, think tank research, advice on messaging and data targeting to right-wing groups which have seen a growth in support in recent years.


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