Like Maggie Thatcher all those years ago, Theresa May’s future and that of the country is in the hands of her (remaining) cabinet

A World Cup year with England in the semi-finals. A female Tory prime minister in trouble. A blindly ambitious blonde rival following the cue of a more low-key but nonetheless determined colleague in resigning from her cabinet… and a new Conservative leader and prime minister within weeks?

Well, there are echoes. Like Margaret Thatcher, who admittedly was better at winning general elections, Theresa May has become out of touch (if she ever was “in touch”). Like the toxic poll tax for Thatcher, her universal credit reform and proposals for a “dementia tax” have upset Middle England.

The European issue was splitting the Tory party from top to bottom; plus ca change. Thatcher humiliated her then deputy prime minister, Sir Geoffrey Howe, a proud man, in front of colleagues – just as May has done with David Davis. Eventually the worm turned. Howe suggested others should consider their consciences – though Davis urged his colleagues not to do so (sincerely or not).


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