First boys rescued from Thai cave !

First boys ‘rescued from Thailand cave’

The physical effects of being trapped in a caveBBCLive
Video 31 seconds


  1. The mission to rescue 12 boys and football coach began at 10:00 on Sunday (03:00 GMT)
  2. Two ambulances were seen leaving the area at about 19:00 (12:00 GMT)
  3. The boys have been trapped by monsoon floods in a cave in northern Thailand for two weeks
  4. The operation is a race against time as more rain is predicted in the coming days
  5. Two divers will be accompanying each boy, guided by a rope placed by rescuers

Live Reporting

By Heather Chen, Yaroslav Lukov, Toby Luckhurst and Flora Drury

Weakest boys ‘brought out first’

Bangkok-based journalist Florian Witulski has been sharing some details about the rescue on social media.

According to Witulski, an Australian doctor decided to bring out the weakest boys first.

He also revealed a possible reason for the decreased rescue time:

We were originally expecting the first boys to emerge at about 14:00 GMT. Instead, the first two boys were brought out at 12:00 GMT.

Four boys expected to ‘walk out’ soon

Lieutenant-General Kongcheep Tantrawanit has said another four of the boys are expected to walk out “shortly”.

They are currently at the divers’ “base camp”, inside the cave system, he said.

“Four boys have reached chamber three and will walk out of the cave shortly,” he said, according to news agency AFP


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