Fire Incident in Ahmadiyya Building located in Frankfurt am Main Germany

Source: Press Release by Maik Billino of Fire Fighting department Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main (ots) – (mb) In the building of the Muslim community Ahmadiyya-Muslim-Jamaat in Nieder-Eschbach a fire broke out in the morning for reasons unknown until now. Shortly after seven o’clock, several emergency calls were received by the rescue center of the fire brigade. The callers reported smoke from the basement of the building. There cardboard boxes and files burned. Since also parts of the house cabling were affected by the fire, it came to a massive smoke development. The smoke passed through the entire building. As a result, other parts were badly affected. 35 people were temporarily evacuated from a neighboring building connected to the cellar via a tunnel. The ventilation measures were very extensive. Residents were asked during the ventilation measures to keep windows and doors closed because of the odor nuisance. With two radiant tubes, the fire in the basement could be brought under control and then completely extinguished. No one was hurt by the fire. The amount of damage can not be stated at present. The cause of the fire was recorded by the responsible police station of the Frankfurt police.

Reference and original news in German at LINK

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