Dutch parliament approves limited ban on burqa, niqab


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Source: Associated Press


Ban will apply to Islamic veils and robes such as the burqa and niqab
Politicians call it ‘a historical day’ in efforts to ‘de-Islamize the Netherlands’. Public places such as schools, transport and hospitals all affected

The Netherlands has approved a limited ban on ‘face-covering clothing’ in public places, including Islamic veils and robes such as the burqa and niqab. The move does not the hijab, which covers only the hair.

Firebrand far-right politician Geert Wilders had pushed for the ban for over a decade.

Parliament’s upper chamber made the final approval in a vote Tuesday.

Wilders’ Freedom Party claimed the development as a major victory, while Senator Marjolein Faber-Van de Klashorst called it ‘a historical day because this is the first step to de-Islamize the Netherlands.’

Successive Dutch governments have tried to ban niqabs, which cover most of the face but still show the eyes, and burqas, which cover the face and body +3
Successive Dutch governments have tried to ban niqabs, which cover most of the face but still show the eyes, and burqas, which cover the face and body

The ban does not apply to public streets, but police can ask an individual to remove it for identification

‘This is the first step and the next step is to close all the mosques in the Netherlands,’ she said.

The Dutch law does not go as far as more extensive bans in neighboring countries like France and Belgium. It applies on public transport and in education institutions, health institutions such as hospitals, and government buildings.

Successive Dutch governments have sought to ban niqabs, which cover most of the face but still show the eyes, and burqas, which cover the face and body – even though studies suggest that only a few hundred women in the Netherlands wear the garments. The ban also covers ski masks and full-face helmets.

The government said people still have full freedom on how to dress, except when it is necessary to have full facial contact – for instance in education and health-related situations.

Annelies Moors, professor of Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Amsterdam said: ‘This is actually virtually a complete ban because the only spaces that are still available for women (who wear face-covering clothing) are the street and the private sector.

‘And, of course, the private sector can also have their house rules, they could also possibly legislate against their presence. So this leaves women very little space.’

‘It is completely disproportionate and the only effect will be that many of these women will stay at home even more,’ said Green Party senator Ruard Ganzevoort. ‘They will not have an opportunity to go to school. They will not have an opportunity to go to learn to swim, and all those things.’


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    • That’s the whole point! There should be no need to follow what is a tradition so far as clothes and lifestyle are concerned. If people move to another country they should follow the laws and customs of that country, keeping religion to their home and mosque. Would Westerners be welcome to live the life of a Westerner in an Islamic country? I think not! That happened during colonial periods, but they were soon moved on. It seems that it’s only Muslims who don’t adapt, most others do. And as numbers increase there is bound to be some reaction. That’s normal. Religion is a personal matter, there is no need to advertise it to the world! Being shrouded does not make anyone more or less religious,

      • Integration to me means to obey all laws (until now they were all reasonable), work, pay taxes, respect authority. It does not mean that in Germany we all need to wear LEDERHOSEN (leather short pants). We can be ‘us’. We can respect each other as we are.

  1. They said the next step is to close all the mosques, to “de-Islamize” the Neitherlands. I know of an event in history when Adolf Hitler tried to cleanse and remove Jews from Germany. He made concentration camps and mass graves without a second thought. 6 million Jews died. And 3 times more soilders died fighting that war. Life of one human or million, still is precious and may they be Christian, Jew or Muslim still is of the same value. Priceless

    • Can you blame them if they don’t want their country swamped with people who have no roots in that country? We’re not talking about a small numbers, but an overwhelming influx. Yes, Hitler did want the Jews to leave, because of various reasons which you can read about. It is a tragedy that things progressed to concentration camps and genocide and many people did die, but that was not unique in history, and it’s happening still for various reasons. So yes, we need to be aware of what can happen if there is no control.

  2. I feel so much sorry for these politicians thinking and their decision which is a great achievement in their views. But in reality it’s a against the freedom of communities, freedom of religions and also it’s a danger for peace and harmony.

    • I think you need to look at it from the indigenous/native’s point of view, to get a different picture. You only see things from your own view, if you move to another country you need to adapt to that country. There was a time when some Muslim countries were modernising, but they are now regressing to what we refer to as standards of the Middle
      Ages. Yes, you’re correct, it is a danger for peace and harmony, as we are already seeing. Islam is a threat to all that we value. And why are you all so keen to come to the ‘West’ when Islamic countries provide all that you want?

      • I agree very much with Renate —as Muslim immigrat in Christian countries should be wise , and do not hurt Christian’s feeling, and do not use the freedom of religion and expression to spread Islam by judging other religion.

        I often urge Ahmadiyyah do not follow the way of wahhabi to spread Islam in christian countries built many mosque intead of creating bussiness like other immigrant from China, India and Japan. They do not face many problem like Muslim immigrant.

        Hopefully Ahmadiyya can work together with Progressive group to prevent islamophobua grow. Otherwise people have the right to claim that Ahmadiyyah and the extremist wahhabi are alike.

        A wise man look at to himself if there is something wrong, but a foolish always blame others. Proverb David
        All love ❤️

      • totally wrong. Should we stop building mosques? You must be joking. Mosques in fact not only are they a center for learning for our own Community, but they serve as ‘point of information’ for the local community too. And, judging from the many visitors that we have, and judging from our neighbors around the mosques, we can see that they appreciate our activities. Newspapers in Zurich for instance questioned the neighbors and all of them confirmed that ‘we have absolutely no problems with the mosque and their visitors’. Those who hate even the look of a mosque are the ones who did not interact. Once they start interacting they appreciate it. Consequently we encourage all around us to interact with us, get to know us and ‘we will appreciate each other’, as the neighbors at the Zurich mosque for instance do. Yes, we work to prevent islamophobia to grow, but not by hiding and not by copying our ‘haters’ in their dress and behavior, but by inter-acting and teaching. Somi, if you cannot see the difference please go to the Wahhabi blogs and be active there.

      • strange views of Renate, who seems to be married to a Muslim. I wonder what her husband’s views are. May we hear from Mr. Chaudry please?

  3. Rafiq—I still have hope very much with Ahmadiyya to work to gather to promote a peaceful Islam and fight the same enemy namely the extremist Muslim intolerant.

    I still active to send my messeges to the Arab Media every day— ( Saudi, Egypt, Jordan, Iran etc ) but I do not have hope I can change the extremist view of Islam. They want to die for their stand on Islam, their belief in Islam and the sunnah.

    The Extremist Muslim believe that the law of Islam( al Quran and Hadith) cannot be adjusted or reformed for ever. Those who reform Islamic teaching will be accused infidel or a treator .

    I has found that Ahmadiyyah agree to reform or adjust the Islamic law like;

    1. The system of government
    2. Justice for all.
    3.,promote Peaceful Islam

    But it is not not enough from the view of Progressive Muslim. Ahmadiyyah should reform more Islamic teaching. In order Muslim can be a role model in society.

    All love ❤️
    A wise man always look at to himself if there is something wrong, but a foolish always blame others. Proverb David.

    • It is our experience that the better our neighbors know us the more the like and appreciate us. Consequently we work hard ‘to get to know’ the host community because we know that will be of benefit to all. (our hijab is not preventing this at all. The people who know us get to appreciate our hijab too !!!)

  4. Rafiq. Firstly, you know very well that Lederhosen are no longer worn in Germany, except for special occasions/festivities. I actually bought some for my son in Germany when he was still quite young, and they looked very nice on him. I even had a dirndl dress myself, which are also not seen much, except in some Alpine areas, and now mainly for the tourists. But these items are traditional to the country, we won’t be seeing Lederhosen or dirndl dresses here in London.

    Yes, Mr Chaudry is an Ahmady, and he is a strong believer and supporter. But he is also progressive. He does not live in a village in Pakistan, and knows that it is necessary to assimilate with the natives and be more like them,which is what he has done right from the start, and people don’t see him as an outsider. In fact he has always had non-Muslim as well as other progressive Muslim friends, who would visit with their families. Ironically, I hardly ever saw hijabs then, on occasions one could identify villager types by their dress. I used to sometimes watch MTA, because they had some interesting documentaries, now on women’s programmes the faces of the women are almost covered, only a small step from the Saudi scene. I don’t watch any more. I some respects Ahmadis are progressive, but in others they are becoming regressive.

    And I can assure you that large numbers of people from other cultures who create communities and ghettos, are not appreciated by the natives, who soon move away from such areas. For example, that has happened around the London Mosque, which is in a prime position with what were expensive properties around, once owned by English people. The last time we went there, I was informed that all those houses are now owned and occupied by Ahmadis, which is the pattern most everywhere. Our new local mosque is small and discreet enough not to be identifiable, and at present has only a low number of
    followers, so no masses as at the larger mosques. Trouble had been expected from locals because it is situated near a housing estate, but thankfully all has been peaceful so far.

    Also, I’m sure that you are also aware that fascism is rising in Europe, which is largely due to the mass influx of Muslims over recent years. Not that I am not aware or am unsympathetic for the reasons of those mass migrations, but they are bound to have a serious effect, which is not in the interest of all involved.

    • Well I do agree to some extent. Parallel societies is not what we should aim for. We should listen to the opinions of others (not really the fascist extremists, but ‘the general public’) and discuss among ourselves deeply how to respond.

      • When I attended the funeral of my (ex Pakistani) brother-in-law in London I noticed that all callers where from the Pakistani Ahmadi community. The only very few ‘native callers’ were some friends of one of the daughters. I did not notice that he ever had a ‘native’ friend. Yes, here we all should work harder on this.

  5. Quote— I used to sometimes watch MTA, because they had some interesting documentaries, now on women’s programmes the faces of the women are almost covered, only a small step from the Saudi scene. I don’t watch any more. I some respects Ahmadis are progressive, but in others they are becoming regressive.===

    I do agree with Renate’s opinion about Ahmadiyyah
    Ahmadiyyah should become the Progressive Muslim intead of following Arab Islamuc tradition. Why?
    Because most Ahmadiyyah are Pakistan and has their own tradition. Second most Ahmadiyyah live in civil society and in Modren time—

    Ahmadiyyah and Progresdive Muslim should work together to reform the Arab Islamic tradition who live in old old life-style.

    May Allah give the Ahmadiyyah leader the strength to reform or change the old Islamic teaching. Amen

    All our love ❤️
    A wise man always learn something new, but a foolish always reject to kearn news things

  6. These kind of things do not suit the western countries who think themselves as a land of the free. I think its against humanity to critcise someone for practicing his or her religion as a free person.

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