Ted Talk: How autonomous Taxis could change the way you travel

By Rodin Lyasoff · Flight junkie

Flight is about to get a lot more personal, says aviation entrepreneur Rodin Lyasoff. In this visionary talk, he imagines a new golden age of air travel in which small, autonomous air taxis allow us to bypass traffic jams and fundamentally transform how we get around our cities and towns. “In the past century, flight connected our planet,” Lyasoff says. “In the next, it will reconnect our local communities.”


I love airplanes. Oh — I love airplanes. So, when I went to college in the late 90s, it was obvious that I was going to study aerospace. And you wouldn’t believe how many people told me, “Oh no, not aerospace. Aerospace is going to be boring, everything in aerospace has already been done.” Well, they were a little bit off the mark. And in fact, I think the next decade is going to be another golden age for aviation. For one thing, and this is where I get excited, flight is about to get a lot more personal.



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