Why Christians and atheists both need to lose their prejudices

Source: Christian Today

By Krish Kandiah

I have read quite a lot of books by atheists about Christians. They make tough reading. Sometimes I feel like I have gone 10 rounds in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson with my hands tied behind my back. Arguments, criticisms, personal attacks punch me from all sides. I and my faith can come away feeling pretty bruised.

Authors such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett often present a picture of self-deluded, stupid or malicious Christians who blow up abortion clinics, build ‘hell houses’ to scare children into believing in God, or who picket gay funerals. They point to the Spanish inquisition or the trial of the astronomer Galileo and argue that Christianity is brutal or antiscientific. They tend to tar all Christians with the same brush.


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