Fear of Islam must not drive US foreign policy

Source: The Hill


Gina Haspel, the CIA officer known for overseeing torture and destroying videotape evidence of abuse in a black site in Thailand, faced the U.S. Senate confirmation hearings to lead the CIA. This comes just one day after President Donald Trump announced the U.S. has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal.


Though the deal was carefully crafted during the Obama administration with global allies, and the U.S. withdrawal now criticized, the U.S. will instead institute nuclear sanctions independently on Iran. The evidence shows Iran has been in compliance with the deal.

This declaration comes two weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments over whether the Muslim ban 3.0, which indefinitely bans Iranian nationals from entering the United States, as well as several other Muslim countries, is constitutional.

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2 replies

  1. Fear of Islam? (Muslims I suppose). Just to recall: Usama bin Laden was on CIA’s payroll and was paid and directed to create a ‘Muslim militia’ to oppose the Russians in Afghanistan. Those mujahedeen were the fore-runners of Al Qaeeda and Taliban and all other ‘militant ‘islamists’. Without the CIA’s payments and directives what would have been the world today? Interesting thought, no? Most likely a lot more peaceful. The CIA used ‘Islamic militants’ against Russia and continues to use them to destabilize nations. Libya is a nice example. And Syria of course.

    • I agree Rafiq, United States Of America get their dirty work done for cheap by these militants that they themselves created and trained and then when they leave then with no work or pay, these militants know nothing better than violence since that what’s their occupation has been. I have an analogy….

      It’s like give someone a 12 pack of beer every day, for 6 years and then you stop. Then their body craves it. They they get it themselves. Until they visit the liquor store and find out that that they can get Rum that will get them drunk quicker then the beer, then they find the vodka, and the the even stronger stuff. Until they become alcoholics and are so addicted that all they think about is alcohol.

      Now if you never sent them the 12 pack to begin with, is there a chance that they would never have thought about alcohol???


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