The slippery slope of intolerance

Source: DT

Bangladesh is not and cannot be allowed to be a land of persecution.

To that end, the recent anti-Ahmadiyya rally organized by Islamist group Khatme Nobuat is a dangerously regressive development, that should be cause for serious concern.

This is not the first time, unfortunately, that Bangladesh has seen this sort of attitude leveled towards Ahmadiyyas, though, thankfully, not for several years.

Systematic oppression of the Ahmadiyyas has existed for over half a century — with over a dozen of their members getting killed and over a hundred attacks being carried out against their community over the years — with its most prominent manifestation being during the last period of BNP-Jamaat rule.

In fact, during the Four Party Alliance government’s tenure, there was implicit (and oftentimes explicit) support from the government towards anti-Ahmadiyya activities, such as the banning of the Ahmadiyya Publications in 2004, and the community had to live in fear, suffering several attacks.


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  1. Good thing about Bangladesh relative to Pakistan is people from Bengal have the courage and boldness to call cat a cat. Raising voice for truth, fairness and justice has always been hall mark of BD. Please keep the torch of truth on. May be masses can understand and extremists get defeated.

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