Hijab ban attempt is ‘racism dressed up as liberalism’, teachers’ conference told


Amanda Spielman has called for ‘muscular liberalism’ to promote British values in schools. Photograph: Graeme Robertson for the Guardian. The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles to refute Islamophobia

Source: The Guardian

By Richard Adams

Efforts to bar girls from wearing the hijab at primary schools were “naked racism dressed up as liberalism”, a teachers’ union conference heard as it unanimously backed a motion attacking official support for the ban.

The National Education Union’s annual conference in Brighton voted to challenge statements by Amanda Spielman, the head of Ofsted and the chief inspector of schools in England, over the issue of girls as young as five wearing the hijab in state schools.

The motion accused Spielman of going beyond her remit as chief inspector of schools over her recent comments linking the wearing of the hijab to sexualisation of young girls and her call for “muscular liberalism” to promote British values in schools.

Latifa Abouchakra, a teacher from Ealing, told the conference that such language was “just another term for racism and Islamophobia”, and made Muslims an easy target.

Abouchakra related how she had been called a “terrorist” while leading a secondary school class trip to Hampton Court.


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  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    To Muslim women around the world who live in the Majority Non Islam.
    Please follow Allah’s law in case you are not accepted in community where you live.

    Q. 22:78– Allah never put difficulty to you in Islamic law. Islam is the flexible and peace— not religion of rebellion.

    Muslim have to obey the law of authority faithfully, ( state, company , etc). Except if they demand to convert your religion. In this case you can show rejection but prophet Muhammad pbuh gave a excellent example that prophet immigrant to other country, because he was in danger.

    That is Islamic advice to you
    Please follow the God’s law above you will be fine.
    All ❤️

    • and … my ladies, who are wearing hijab, consider it NOT a burden but a privilege. Alhamdolillah. All Praise is due to Allah. Who permitted us to be Muslims and allow us to practice our faith. With hijab and halal food …

  2. The article has made it very clear that Muslims have become easy targets of racism under the label of liberalism to be forced to be oppressed in the western society by the education system. Everyone should have the basic right and the freedom to practice their choice of religion yet children are being banned , might as well just imprison all Muslims in concentration camps like Hitler did with the Jews and minimize the threat the the brits and people like Somi feel .

  3. On the name of freedom of rights, some people want from other people to live their lives according to their own like and dislike.
    Religion is a personal thing, interference isn’t acceptable , why some people don’t understand that basic point?????

    • Somi, if someone threatens to take my life in exchange for me to give up my faith or my hijab or my veil. I will gladly give up my life for my faith and not give up my faith or my belief or my conviction or my hijab which is a part of my identity

      • A very clear statement. Would be nice if Somi could for once appreciate it and accept it.

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