Here’s a solution to Britain’s gambling problem – nationalise the industry- (No, Really?)

Epilogue: Islam banned gambling and alcohol 1400 years back. The Qur’an, the Muslim Holy Book, speaks of these quite clearly and prohibits them. Modern civilization is only coming to learn and finding its harm to the society. As the Khalifa of Islam states in many of his addresses, its time for western civilization to try Islam for a solution. Its obvious that taking control of it by the state will not be a lasting solution. A state is as good as its government and that is only as good as its politicians and leaders. Deregulation by public sector and governments has been a major factor in producing mind boggling inequality and nationalization of gambling is likely to be undone by another government which succeeds.

Here is the article from Guardian.

Guardian: here is not a lot of subtlety in the games they design for fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs). In one, Goddess of the Amazon, badly rendered illustrations of big-breasted women in leather underwear point you towards slot machines – you literally have to tap on their crotch to spin the wheel. In another, Rainbow Riches, a leprechaun points you to a “wishing well”, a fairly on-the-nose metaphor for a game that involves pointlessly chucking coins you’ll never see again into a hole.

While the games are stupid, the profits they make for the bookmakers are serious. In the year ending September 2016, £1.8bn was wagered on them, including 233,000 sessions where players ended up losing more than £1,000.

There is nothing good about FOBTs. They take money from the most vulnerable in society and give it to the bookmakers. The bookies say reducing stakes will lead to betting shop closures, but on high streets overrun with nasty shops where people get themselves into debt and distress, fewer would be a good thing.

Yet last week, the Gambling Commission couldn’t bring itself even to recommend reducing the maximum bet to £2, instead leaving the decision up to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. There’s a lot you can say about its secretary, Matt Hancock – a man who suggested the best response to the Salisbury attack would be England winning the World Cup – but being likely to stand up to the gambling lobby on moral principle is not one of them.


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  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    We live in global society Islamic clerics should be careful and should be wiser to spread the good thing in Islam.

    The main goal / objective of Islam are the welfare, happiness for humanity.

    Since Islamic country cannot show the best society- peace— happiness and prosperity—we as Muslim who live in non Islamic country we cannot Islam is the best way to achieve the main goal above. We cannot impose our religion to others.

    The extremist Muslim have been spreading Islam with fear, force and sword , it failed completely, even conversely create conflict and catastrophe or disaster on earth.

    My point is:
    Non Muslim society do not believe that Islam can bring peace— happiness and prosperty— they see the fact on the ground every Islamic country conflict, poverty and unproductive Muslim.

    Therefore Muslim really need to change the old mind set, otherwise non Islam community cannot buy your idea.
    Muslim have to work harder and harder forward and leave Islamic label for while until we can prove it. Using Islamic label such as: Islamic state, Islamic food, Islamic grocery etc. will create jelousy and conflict in global society as we see nowadays.
    May God guide Muslim around the world to the right path. Amen
    All our love ❤️
    Google ! Ilovemodrenislam

    • If you would watch MTA.TV you would see that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at is doing exactly that. (except for the halal food…, which we still appreciate).

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