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THE Arabic word ‘aalim’, which means one who possesses knowledge, is often used, particularly in the subcontinent, for only those who profess to have studied at some madressah. There is a proliferation of mostly men and a few women who may have learned the Quran and books of ahadith and are deemed capable of preaching their version of religion and offering fatwas (decrees) on any issue.

However, the scholarly credentials of many of these people could be questioned. Thus, the real ulema who may be truly learned in Islamic sciences tend to be hidden from the public eye.

Seeking knowledge and developing an understanding through rational thought is an oft-repeated theme in the Quran and ahadith. The basic characteristics of scholarship have remained unchanged over centuries. It requires a deeply inquiring mind; the capacity and patience to read extensively and deliberate upon varying and even opposing hypotheses and theories and then formulate views that can be argued rationally and with evidence.


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  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    A scholar seeks truth and this journey never ends.
    The question us how people know a true scholar?
    There are thousand scholars in the world from many sects of Islam.

    There are two main scholar :
    1. Conservative scholars who want to holdup the ancient Islamic laws. They are agains reformation like Isis, Taliban Saudi and Iran.

    2. Progressive Scholars who want to reform the old Islamic laws according to the progress and development of Science and technology.
    By reforming the old laws we can show thr world that Islam is beautiful— modren and progressive.

    I urge young Muslim srounf the world to seek the truth by investigating all sects of Islam and other religions.
    Hopefully God will guide you to the truth. Amen
    All our love ❤️

      • Rafiq— thank you— I will stop seeking the truth when I die—I am still learning and preaching—I want to leave a “ Legacy” the truth of Islam-/ Progressive Islam.

        What is the Progresive Islam?

        All our ❤️

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